Thursday, February 15, 2007

Happy Birthday! I hope...

Last night, my new granddaughter was born. I wish her many happy returns and a wonderful and secure life on our still-beautiful planet. I so earnestly hope that all goes well for her (and my other four grandchildren)... and yet I worry. What a world she's been born into! Over thirty years ago, I remember my grandfather worrying openly to my wife and me about the future for our own children and questioning the wisdom of bringing more of them into a problem-filled world. And yet, back then hardly anybody had heard of climate change and world population stood at just over half what it is now.

Fortunately, my new granddaughter has two of the most wonderful caring parents a child could wish for and she lives in a country which is less likely than many to be badly affected by climate change. So she's a lot better off than most of the kids who were born on her birthnight elsewhere on our planet.

But if she were about ten years old now, she might make this video.

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