Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Planning for the future

The wind turbine pictured is a 6kW machine, courtesy of Proven. The SUV is by IFCAR via WikipediaQuestion: which one of the above machines needs planning permission before you can buy and use it?
The answer, of course, is the wind turbine. This particular turbine should generate enough electricity in an a year to save more than 7 tonnes of CO2.

The SUV doesn't need planning permission to buy; just a lot of money. Much more than the turbine. It will generate more CO2 each year than the turbine will save. It will also cost much more to buy and to run.

Revised question: which of the above machines should have planning permission
before you can buy and use it?
It's a no-brainer and a good example of the cockeyed system we have to change in order to tackle the planet's climate woes and overconsumption. As you might guess, I am in the throes of trying to get planning permission for installing a 6kW turbine on my farm.